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PE: Traditional Critique Tips
As part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique.
Today we are looking at the Traditional Art gallery, with our Top 10 (or so) Tips provided by the wonderful assistance of Lyricanna
I am by no means an expert but I have picked up a few tricks over the past 5 years that I hope will help others.

:bulletpink: About anatomy. If someone's anatomy looks off, suggest that they mirror their sketches/WIPs in the future.  This is a trick first introduced to me by digital artists.  They would horizontally flip their images to check for anatomical errors.  You can do this with traditional art as well by holding the reverse side of an image up to a light or by using a lightbox.  
:bulletpink: Lineart.  Different thicknesses of lineart can help indicate depth, light sourcing or
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PE: The Community and Critique!
Last week at the beginning of project educate, I conducted a survey to see what opinions the community had on the subject of critique. Here are some of the highlights of the responses made to each of the questions.
Do you put your art work up in hope of obtaining critique?
"Not necessarily.. but feedback is always most appreciated. I've started taking the initiative to becoming my own critic while I make my work.. Judging the appearance while sketching it is a powerful tool for me and makes me respect the art of critical thinking even more. " TheCreativeJenn
" Yes. I strive to become a better artist, so I hope by posting it, I can get exposure and someone who is willing to pick my story to pieces and show me the error of my ways. A reliable editor would be my dream best friend." Cassildra
"Generally, yes. Exposure and critique. It doesn't have to be thorough, but I'd much rather have a comment that tells me what works and what doesn't, rather than just "cool",
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 19 5
PE: Typography Critique Tips
As part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique.
Today we are looking at the Typography gallery, with our Top Tips provided by the wonderful assistance of pica-ae

Check out the tips!

This is one of the first lessons you learn in Typography: "Keep the text readable!" If nobody can read, what you wrote, what's the sense in it?
Now keep in mind that this relates to Design! In Design, Typography is a tool that helps you convey a message. If Typography stands on its own, as an artform or sub-category to Art, this rule is no longer decisive.
If you look at Art, rules are meant to be broken!
There are two sides to why it may be okay for a piece to lack readability.
Too many fonts / Hard to read single words. You can find this very often with music quotes. By using different font siz
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Artists to Check Out Part 9
  :shop22485682:    :shop16697578:
:shop291860:  :shop293339:  :shop291256:  :shop292933:
:shop222979:  :shop125984:  :shop95745:  :shop294059:
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Did You Know - 1/20
:iconcommunityrelations:communityrelations 3 9
PE: #Gimmefeedback interview
Critique Groups
There are hundreds of critique groups out there, many of which we have mentioned in previous articles. One group in particular GimmeFeedback kindly offered to share some insight to what it takes to run a critique focussed group, with the wonderful assistance of founder Aeirmid aka Jade!
Can you summarise in 5 words what :icongimmefeedback: is about?
Education. Expression. Improvement. Collegiality. Open-mindedness.
Okay now let us have a more detailed overview :)
GimmeFeedback has as its explicit mission the intention to help artists from all backgrounds, media, and skill levels learn more about their work and improve it by hearing different perspectives about their creations. We have a strict "give before you receive" policy under which every deviant (admins included) must leave two critiques for other individuals before posting their own work to receive critique. We feel that it is this policy tha
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 7 1
PE: Literature Critique Tips
As part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique.
Today we are looking at the Literature gallery, with our Top Tips.

Before you start
:bulletblue: READ the piece all the way through.
:bulletblue: Read it again, making notes of what you would like to point out in your critique.
:bulletblue: Stay Objective- you are critiquing the piece not the person.
The Tips!
These tips are areas which aren't just necessary in critiquing others' work, but also when self-critiquing your own writing. This is one person's suggestions and I welcome any further tips in addition.
:bulletpink: A good opening. The opening to any form of writing doesn't necessarily need to involve a physical explosion, but it needs to have an initial hook; something to entice the reader in. It needs to be clear, something that
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 115 46
PE: Vector Critique Tips
As part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique.
Today we are looking at the Vector galleries, with our Top 10 (or so) Tips provided by the wonderful assistance of ChewedKandi & DomiSM

Like any form of art, overall composition, balance of colours and concept are often a generic subject, however today we're giving you some more technical hints and tips when it comes to critiquing vector work. If you'd like to find out more about the medium, please check out last years Project Educate: Vector Week round up article.
1. Curve Control: The majority of work and shapes you'll encounter will be using tools such as the Pen Tool. This can be a tough tool to gain control of and can be a tough learning curve for some. When cr
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 11 2
PE: Photography Critique Tips
As part of Project Educate Critique week, the Community Volunteers would like to share more art specific elements to consider whilst giving good critique. Today we are looking at the Photography gallery, with a range of Tips provided by Kaz-D
Critiquing Photography

Disclaimer: Firstly I don't claim to be an expert on this! It's just what I've picked up along the way.
The Composition
:bulletblue: Look at the background, middle ground and foreground. Are they all adequately captured? Is there too much of one and little of another? Do the colours compliment, contrast or make you want to sit down in a dark room for a little while?
:bulletblue: Rule of thirds – despite the use of Rule it's not actually a law that people should follow. If they've not used the rule of thirds, but it still looks frigging amazing then don't chew them out over it. Simples. If they haven't used the
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 16 2
PE: Critique Week Roundup!
Hello All
Today concludes our project educate week here at communityrelations on Critique. 
I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all of you who have supported throughout the week, whether you have contributed to articles, commented, faved and passed the message on. It has been very much appreciated and made this week feel very worthwhile!
The purpose of Project Educate doesn’t just rely on one week of information. The articles are for reference whenever you feel like reading them, so please feel free to save them where necessary.
Week opener

General Critique Articles

Gallery Specific Articles
PE: Vector Critique Tips by BeccaJS PE: Literature Critique Tips by BeccaJS PE: Typography Critique Tips by BeccaJS PE: Traditional Critique Tips by BeccaJS
:iconbigheartplz: Thank you everyone! Keep an eye out next week when Projec
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 17 5
An Absurd Interview with My Little Lolly
Welcome to Absurd Interviews:
There are all types of deviants across this site. Some of them are people so commited with the community, always sharing knowledge and resources, others are incredibly talented artists who never talk with anybody, there are also trolls, forum whores (no, they're not the same), bronies and also those with weird obessions with anime characters with impossibly big bellies...
Well, combine all that, add a little sugar, a beard and a mohawk and what do you get? a lolly!
So ladies a gentlemen, with you, the one and only, the sixth Spice Girl, the seventh pony from Ponyville, the fourth Powerpuff Girl, the fifth sense: lolly

Hello Richard! How is the weather at Armpit Islands? ... oh wait, I read that wrong. Anyway, how are you?
I'm not doing too bad. Just had my morning coffee and smoke while standing on my porch during the beginning of a blizzard. Pitcairn has been weird ever since we relocated it to Wisconsin.
My arm
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 40 97
PE: Do You Really Want Critique?
As part of projecteducate’s Critique Week, we thought it’d be a good idea to take into consideration when you should and shouldn’t ask for critique on a work you post to deviantART. 
Before I get any further into the article, I would like to address the fact that the things I say here will not always apply. In fact, they may not even apply most of the time. As with all guides to art and feedback, your mileage may vary, and it’s always best to learn things for yourself. So, without further ado, here’s a few things to consider before you request critique:
Personal work: The most common issue with critique that I’ve personally encountered around dA is the critique of personal work, and a lot of the time this is because the artist requests critique on a work that they are not ready to receive critique on. A few examples of this could be work done as a result of a person’s passing, a difficult change in life, or a work based
:iconikazon:ikazon 26 23
Introducing the deviantART Collection on Fotolia
Today, we are announcing the launch of the deviantART Collection on Fotolia, a selection of over 3,000 images from artists on deviantART. It is a grand experiment bringing together the excellence of work on deviantART with an opportunity for artists to gain worldwide commercial exposure for their work.
:star: What is the deviantART Collection?
A while back, we announced our partnership with through the StockProject group, where you can find hundreds of free stock images. We teamed up with Fotolia once again to create the deviantART Collection. 
A team of professional photo editors started filtering through images on deviantART looking for excellent photographs that would work on commercial websites, like Fotolia, that sell images for designers and art directors to use in magazines, advertisements and product packaging. The team then offered artists on deviantART an opportunity to
:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 55 59
Traditional Tuesdays #10
Hello, and welcome to Traditional Tuesdays. This article features some
of the great traditional artwork that has been uploaded to the
traditional galleries in the last few weeks. You might also find some
artwork that comes from whatever word pops into my head and into the
search bar. There is way too much awesome work added to these galleries
everyday to show you a tenth of it, so I'll just keep it to fifteen of
the ones that made me go WOW!

Sous bois janvier 2012 A by Malahicha Boulevard of mists by angora39
Alice Meeting Humpty Dealer by HillaryWhiteRabbit Selfportrait 2 by CosmicSpectrumm Store-cupboard Supplies by hogret
I wish there was more time in the day to browse this awesome gallery,
but alas,  that's not going to happen. All of this was just me browsing
through the sub categories for a couple of hours. You should see what
you can find!
:icondeshrubber:deshrubber 9 12
I Came, I dAmned, I Founded 22
In this ongoing series of articles, we probe the minds of some dAmn's
channel founders to find out what makes them tick, how they've made
their room a success and what tips they can provide to budding channel
This month is TheSinisterLove and :#RainbowBordello:
1) First off TheSinisterLove, can you tell us a little bit about yourself!
I like to see myself as an enthusiastic DevArt participant. I like being a part of the community, meeting people, bringing people together, and I love to share my art and exchange feed back with other users. It has helped feed my appreciation of art and it's various forms.
2) When did you first discover dAmn, and can you remember the first room you ever chatted in?
- I discovered the chats possibly... February 2010? I was invited to join a room and I investigated what it was about. Since then the room has fallen apart, but the room I participate in now is going strong. ( )
3) What p
:iconshuttermonkey:shuttermonkey 9 0
The Founders of Impressionism - Claude Monet
As part of deviantART's Art History Project, Topicality and yours truly have prepared news articles regarding Impressionism, an art movement from the 19th Century whose main characteristic is the presence of tin yet visible brush strokes to create shapes that compose an image.
In this article we will review Claude Monet, one of the founders of Impressionism, a brief summary of his life and some of his paintings.
Claude Monet (1840-1926)
Born in Paris on the 5th of November 1940, Oscar-Claude Monet is considered the main representative of Impressionism as he stayed true to its philosophy during his whole life as an artist.  It's one of his paintings, Impression, Sunrise; which gives the movement its name after critic Luis Leroy wrote a sarcastic review of it in a Parisian newspaper called Le Charivari.
From an early age Monet showed interest in art, and he was known in the community of Le Havre for his caricatures. He then met Eugene Boudin, a la
:iconalexandrasalas:alexandrasalas 22 36



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