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Your Traditions Prose Contest
This season is full of tradition. Be it caroling, cookie-making parties, pub hopping through hot summer nights, or ringing in the New Year by running barefoot through cornfields full of snow, there are moments we all look forward to each and every year. But each an every celebration is unique, and we want to hear your story of the season.
The Prompt
The prompt, should you choose to take it on, is to write a nonfiction story about your specific seasonal traditions. We want you to ditch the Christmas and New Years cliches everyone knows about Christmas (Santa, Rudolph, he ball drop, etc) and focus on the small things that are the strongest about the season to you. 
The Rules
:snowflake: Only new nonfiction pieces will be accepted for this contest, so no recycling older works as entries.
:snowflake: All entries must be posted to the Literature gallery (not Scraps), though any subcategory in the Nonfiction category is all
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Project Educate: Tutorials Schedule and Opener
One thing I personally have always enjoyed in functional communities is the willingness to share knowledge.
I love that aspect of communities and villages and cultures... the idea of passing down knowledge from one person to the next. It's even better when that knowledge is free for everyone to obtain.
This Project Educate week seeks not only to educate, but to celebrate Tutorials and the people that create and distribute them. This is also to spread info about the various resources for information that deviantART's own
community has to offer, like our groups of past and present.
One thing I must make clear: I apologise in advance. This is the result of misshapen planning on my part. For any errors, mishaps, mess-ups and just general "wrongness"... that's all my fault. I made the mistake of not planning as well as I could have AND scheduling it close to the holidays. Leaving so many things unrepresented or underrepresented and for that, I apologise to all that expected to see so
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deviantART no longer supports older browsers
The Internet is an ever-changing place.  To take advantage of all it has to offer -- in terms of applications, games, add-ons and more -- it's important to surf the Net using a modern browser.  The new capabilities made available in major browser releases allow Web developers (at deviantART and otherwise) to build faster, more stable and secure, Web technology.  Additionally, keeping your browser up to date is one of the best ways to ensure your computer's safety on the Net.
What does this mean for you?
DeviantART offers a number of features that work best, or only work, using modern browsers.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you download the latest version of your favorite browser.
Internet Explorer
We no l
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Project Educate Interview: Suzuran
For today's interview we will be chatting with Irene, a.k.a. suzuran! Digital artist and Senior Production/Graphic Designer at Marvel Comics!
She's responsible for all of these awesome works:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm an artist that loves Photoshop, sci-fi, cute and fluffy things.  And I love mixing them together in every possible way. ;)  
How did you get into your chosen media?
A very amazing video game that came out during the 1980s called Mega Man.  It was about a robot that went around defeating other robots and taking their powers, but at that time I thought the character designs were so awesome from game to game, it inspired me to want to scribble my own little robots for him to battle (which people will never, ever, ever see!) ... So that's when I got into art!
What was made you start writing tutorials?
People have asked me how I do ce
:iconreaper-x:Reaper-X 10 3
Project Educate Interview: Snowmask
Today we're having an interview with  snowmask!

 This super awesome form of human being is a Traditional Painter on deviantART, Shadowness and her own website where she hosts many of her own walkthroughs.
She's also responsible for these beautiful  walkthroughs on deviantART:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Hello! My name is Katherine Cheng Franke, friends call me Katie. I came from Hong Kong all the way out to Vegas, where I am pampered by my husband, amused by my cats and dog, and I get to paint - doing what I love most for a living [♥]

How did you get into your chosen media?

Well right now I am painting with oils, although I have nothing but studies to show for at the moment. I am working on two large oil paintings for a show in April. I used to paint with watercolours, which
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Project Ed Tutorials: Photography
Photography In a sense feels like it would be simple enough for the most part.
You use the device in your hands to look at something and you press a button to capture the image you want.
That's the gist of it, but there's considerably more to it than that, especially if you want to take something that accurately represents your intentions.
For Project Educate, I'll be featuring some deviation tutorials on Photography that I like and hope that you yourself will find useful as a budding, seasoned or humbled expert photographer.
They will be broken down in the form of Technical and Creative tutorials. Some will be focused on numbers and basic ideas to compose and make a quality photo and others will be focused on what you can do with those techniques to make advanced visual creations.
For the most part, these tutorials apply to anyone that owns a camera, whether it be your compact, point and shoot or a DSLR.
Shutter Speed -
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For My Own Safety
Announcing The Fan Fiction Article. Fan art and fan fiction, like the offering above, are a blast because artists get to wear their favorite stories; in my case the iconic "Blade Runner." Fan fiction and art are the new fashion.
by techgnotic
I prefaced a recent article Eye See Therefore Eye Am,
with a quote from Roy Batty, the doomed replicant (android) who was given human emotions to be able to appreciate
all the wonders of life, including the visual, but afforded only four years of
lifespan to enjoy them.
time to die, roy batty by anjinanhut
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost
in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."
—Roy Batty, Bladerunner
I thought the quo
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Game Dev Contest - Create a Game Level!
Hi and Welcome
The Official dA Game Development Contest - Create a Game Level! (Updated!)
Hi, and I'm happy to announce An Official deviantArt Game Development Contest!, this is my first contest run as the Game Dev CV. The contest is all about making or creating a game level, also we have some awesome prizes up for grabs!
This contest is for everyone, anyone who already experienced with game level creation and for people who want to get into game level creation!
Contest Information!
So basicly the contest is about designing/creating a game level, the game level can be in 2D or 3D. It don't have to be playable, but playable would be great! so the contest will run for 2 months! if your new to game level creation, there are many free game engines you can use like UDK Editer (Unreal Development kit)  or the Cry engine, or if you want to do a 2D game level you can use Flash, Gimp or photoshop. it can be any style of level you want it to
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Project Educate Interview: ChewedKandi
For today's Project Educate interview, we'll be taking some time to get to know ChewedKandi, our resident pink-haired vector maniac and Community Volunteer! She also posts tutorials at VectorTuts+ and hosts a plethora of excellent works at
She's the one responsible for all of these wonderful works:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Shar and I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. I'm a freelance Vector Artist/Illustrator and been into vector art for nearly 10 years now.
How did you get into your chosen media?
It was a natural progresssion... I got into vexel art and then into vector. It was a bit of an obsession, creating something out of the layering of shapes.

What was made you start writing tutorials?

When I was a teenager, I wanted to gr
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creature feature contest [closed]
Jan. 2nd 2012: This Contest is now Closed!
:bulletyellow: view entries here :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! click here! :bulletyellow:
Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to the judges, whose work will begin tonight (I'll send you a note) - it's going to be tough, so please be patient while we look at all your entries to determine the winners!
:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:
Dragons, unicorns, fairies, werewolfs, demons, trolls, vampires, centaurs, gnomes, angels, medusa, aliens, mermaids and -men, creatures from legends, weird hybrids made out of two different species, creatures with mechanical parts added - all of these have one thing in common: they don't exist. BUT they can be created in photomanipulations out of multiple images.
So show us your Creature Feature* and win!
*To enter this contest, please read this journal thoroughly - I
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Project Educate: Tutorials!
This week's Project Educate, hosted by Reaper-X,  is dedicated to Tutorials!
So, here I am, to promote this week today! :la: (Ya'll probably just sang rock you like a hurricane, didn't ya?)
The Articles!
Project Educate: Tutorials Schedule and Opener
Memories Tutorial Contest
Some amazing interviews!
Project Educate Interview: Snowmask
Project Educate Interview: ChewedCandi
Project Educate Interview: Aquasixio
Project Ed Tutorials: Photography
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Project Educate Interview: Aquasixio
by Topicality
Rolando, also known as AquaSixio, is a psychologist living in
southern France. Cyril's hobby as a digital painter has astounded many
by creating amazing surreal scenes.
How did you get into your chosen media?
my psychology studies, I started the digital painting using the oekaki
board system. I had fun. When I got enough experience, I used photoshop 7
then photoshop CS2. Art is still a hobby for me.
What was made you start writing tutorials?
am self-taught. I did my first steps in the digital universe and I was
suprised to saw people asking " how do you do it ? ". I didn't think my
artworks as spectacular pieces but I wanted to help explaining how I
used this software, with simplicity.
What do your tutorials provide information wise to a reader?
a pedagogic approach. I try to work with icons and step by step. Too
much information isn't the best way to explain something. I try to be
concise and broach on the main technical i
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Inspirational Artisan Crafts #10
         :la: First off, check out  #ArtisanCraft's current Thursday Features challange.   This week's features bring in "The Best of 2011". 
Artists can send up to five deviations via note, titled "Thursday Features" to either #ArtisanCraft or *stina-wo 
They must send thumbs or links to their own works, not of works from other artists. Encourage them to "spread the word" on this one since I want to get a much bigger batch of features this time around. 
There's also a deadline for feature suggestions. Artists have until January 4th @ 12 Midnight PST to send in their suggestions. 
Here's a link to this week's "Thursday Features" so artists can see how their submitted suggestions will be featured. 
:iconfrocktarts:FrockTarts 3 14
The F Word: Interview With Astrographe
The F Word
Interview with ChaoticAtmospheres

Welcome to another edition of The F Word. On this edition, i have an interview with ChaoticAtmospheres, a fractalist from Switzerland, known for his Mandelocular Series. He's a new face on fractal community, but he's not new on art in general. It is really my pleasure to have an interview with him. Without any more talking, please enjoy my interview with him. :ahoy:
can you please introduce yourself?
I am a 29 year old illustrator/graphic designer, and I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I’ve been exposing my personal work for a few months on the internet, but I work in the visual arts for approximately 15 years now (Fine-Arts at Geneva, high-school of fashion in Paris, and now I work as a freelance graphic designer).
I been using fractals for a long time in my work, but in a subtle and almost invisible way. It’s only recently (with my Mandelocular
:iconguagapunyaimel:guagapunyaimel 7 3
Artists to Check Out Part 7
:shop16966338: :shop689132: :shop261444: :shop11690983:
:shop9165109: :shop8263755: :shop8249083: :shop9262886:
:shop9229852: :shop7904315: :shop16882847: :shop17504972:

:shop16409392: :shop15970634: :shop12122464: :shop1359412:
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Project Educate - Featured Chat with *messa log
For those who missed it, here is the raw log of the featured chat with poncy-rogue from Saturday 17 Dec, with only the really useless stuff trimmed out.  I'll have a better edited log up with just the highlights later on :D
[16:04:38] Anyway, welcome to the Project Educate: Featured chat with poncy-rogue :D
[16:04:58] Welcome messa. :)
[16:05:02] for those who don't know, messa is an absolutely awesome Manga/Anime artist
[16:05:30] Thank youuuu! Uhh, well, I wouldn't go that far, but I'm really honored to be here! :)
[16:05:55] so the way this is going to work is
[16:06:04] it's going to be an open floor event
[16:06:25] so I'll leave things open and feel free to toss out your questions to messa as they come to you when I give the ok
[16:06:39] simples? C:
[16:06:57] hit me with your best shot, y'all |D
[16:07:20] right so the floor is now open!
[16:07:25] and if we don't get questions then...
[16:07:29] well I dunno :paranoid:
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I am Krissi001
And I am cleaning out my Favourites. I don't want to completely lose the Favs, that's why I created this Account.

I will also use this Account to fav News Articles, because I don't want them in my main favs :paranoid:


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And this is account will be also used to fav news articles, since i don't want that they appear in the favs of my main account, I just want Art in there :dummy:
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